Create a new task

There are 4 Task Types in the Bynder App:

Click on the + Create button on the right side. In the modal you can enter your task code and select the type for your new task:

  1. bynder_v2_import_assets_from_bynder: This task is used to import digital assets from Bynder. The task allows you to retrieve assets from Bynder and store them in Akeneo
  2. bynder_v2_enrich_bynder_asset_properties: This task will update the asset type, product codes, product model codes and all mapped meta properties of the asset in Bynder.
  3. bynder_v2_full_bynder_sync: This task will run the 2 tasks above in sequence.
  4. bynder_v2_unlink_assets_from_bynder: This task will look at all the assets in Bynder and validate if it must be unlinked in Akeneo.