Derivative to use

Derivative Usage

The derivative_to_use parameter in our application allows users to specify the type of derivative to be linked to a product instead of the original asset. By default, if not explicitly defined, the parameter defaults to ‘original’.


The derivative_to_use parameter provides flexibility in linking derivatives of assets to products within our system. This feature is particularly useful when users want to associate specific variations or modified versions of assets with products, rather than the original assets themselves.

Default Value

If the derivative_to_use parameter is not explicitly defined, the system automatically links the original asset to the product by default. This ensures that products are initially associated with the original version of the asset, maintaining consistency in product management.


Users can specify a different value for the derivative_to_use parameter to link derivatives of assets to products. This allows for greater customization and control over the association between assets and products, catering to specific requirements or preferences.


For example, if a user wants to link a resized or cropped version of an image asset to a product instead of the original full-size image, they can set the derivative_to_use parameter to the appropriate derivative type.