Export Bynder URL to Akeneo

Export Bynder URL to Akeneo

The export_bynder_url_to_akeneo parameter in our application enables the export of Bynder asset URLs to Akeneo. This parameter determines whether the URLs of assets stored in Bynder are exported to Akeneo for reference and accessibility. By default, if not explicitly defined, the parameter defaults to ‘false’.


The export_bynder_url_to_akeneo parameter enhances integration between Bynder and Akeneo by facilitating the export of asset URLs from Bynder to Akeneo. This feature allows users to reference and access Bynder assets directly within Akeneo, streamlining asset management and enriching product information.

Default Value

If the export_bynder_url_to_akeneo parameter is not explicitly defined, the system automatically sets it to ‘false’ by default. This means that Bynder asset URLs are not exported to Akeneo unless specifically configured by the user.