Enrichment MetaProperty Options Mappings

Enrichment MetaProperty Options Mappings

The enrichment_metaproperty_options_mappings parameter in our application allows for the mapping of option values from asset properties to corresponding values in Bynder, specifically when the asset property is a select with options.


The enrichment_metaproperty_options_mappings parameter complements the asset_enrichment_metaproperty_mappings parameter by enabling the mapping of option values from select-type asset properties to their corresponding values in Bynder. This mapping ensures consistency and accuracy in metadata enrichment, especially when dealing with select-type asset properties with predefined options.


Users can define mappings within the enrichment_metaproperty_options_mappings parameter to specify the correspondence between option values in select-type asset properties and their counterparts in Bynder. This mapping allows for seamless enrichment of asset metadata, ensuring that option values are correctly interpreted and aligned across platforms.


        "red": "red_bynder",
        "blue": "blue_bynder",
        "green": "green_bynder",
        "electronics": "electronics_bynder",
        "clothing": "clothing_bynder",
        "accessories": "accessories_bynder",