Domain Mappings for Asset Import

Domain Mappings for Asset Import

The domain_mappings parameter in our application is used to specify which assets in Bynder, associated with one or more domains, should be imported into the linked Akeneo domain.


The domain_mappings parameter enables the selective import of assets from Bynder into the linked Akeneo domain based on their associated domains in Bynder. This feature ensures that only assets associated with specific domains in Bynder are imported into the corresponding Akeneo, streamlining asset management and organization.


Users can define mappings within the domain_mappings parameter to specify the correspondence between domains in Bynder and the linked Akeneo domain. This mapping allows the application to identify assets in Bynder associated with specific domains and import them into the corresponding Akeneo.


    "acc": "",
    "prd": "",