Bynder Configuration


We will start off by doing the preparations on the Bynder instance. A few things need to be set up here.

Permanent token

You can create a permanent token by navigating to ‘Advanced settings’ > ‘Portal settings’ > ‘Permanent tokens’ using the cog in the upper right hand side of the application, provided you have the necessary rights to do so.

Clicking ‘Add new’ prompts a form with a Bynder user selection. This would preferably be linked to a dedicated user, since the history/actions will be linked to the selected one. The user should have the following permission active: img

Next up you select the access scopes of the token: img

After selecting the user, scopes and confirming, a permanent token should be generated (store it somewhere on temporary location as leaving the page will obscure the token) which we can use to add to the credentials in Akeneo.


A few metaproperties need to be defined/existent to link to a product’s (or model’s) identifier and the related attribute within that product in Akeneo.

  • First of all, we want a product identifier with the adviced configuration as following img
  • Then we define the same type of metaproperty, but for product model codes img
  • We want to make sure there is a metaproperty that contains/links to the attribute name that reflects the image attribute name of the product in Akeneo. The following setup would be adviced. img
  • There is an optional possibility to map 1 metaproperty option to multiple image attributes, provided they have the same name affixed with a dash and count. (f.e. ‘application’ in bynder => ‘application_1’, ‘application_2’ in Akeneo CE) In that case, an order field needs to be added in Bynder to define the order of the assets that get linked. img

The metaproperty configurations above are what we think the most optimal configurations in terms of usability and added value. As long as the metaproperty is available through the Bynder API (ApiField) and the value reflects/maps with the corresponding values in Akeneo, the asset will get linked.