Modify Action

The modify action allows to manipulate your values, correct type issues by correcting them with using available formatters or modifiers from the Encoder.

This action manipulates values. Most modifiers expect only string values.

Check the encoder for more modifiers|formatters.

Here’s some examples of how you might use the modify action in a YAML file:

    action: modify
    modifier: replace_char
    keys: 'description,short_description'
    characters: ['á' => 'a', 'é' => 'e']

This action will replace the matching characters in a value. The characters option is part of the replace_char modifier.

    action: modify
    formatter: boolean
    keys: 'active'
    'false': 'N'

This action will replace the matching boolean value with a corresponding string value. In the case of true:Y, false:N. If you don’t present a true or false label the default values are true:'1', false:'0'. The true or false option is part of the boolean formatter.