Calculate Action

The calculate action allows you to perform arithmetic operations on two fields and store the result in a third field. You can use the calculate action to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


The calculate action is used in the following format:

    action: calculate
    fields: [field_1, field_2]
    operator: operation
    result: result_field


  • action_name is the name of the action.
  • field_1 is the name of the first field used in the calculation.
  • field_2 is the name of the second field used in the calculation.
  • operation is the arithmetic operation to perform. Valid values are ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, and DIVIDE.
  • result_field is the name of the field where the result of the calculation will be stored.


Consider the following input:

  - quantity: 10
  - price_gbp: 2.50

And the following calculate action:

    action: calculate
    fields: [ quantity, price_gbp ]
    operator: MULTIPLY
    result: total_price_gbp

When executed, the calculate action multiplies the values of the quantity and price_gbp fields, and stores the result in the total_price_gbp field.

The output of the calculate action, given the input above, would be:

  - quantity: 10
  - price_gbp: 2.50
  - total_price_gbp: 25.00


  • The fields array can contain any number of fields, as long as the arithmetic operation is valid.
  • If any of the fields used in the calculation are missing from the input, the result will be ether unchanged (e.a. 5 multiplied by a null column would result in 5) or null.