For each source & destionation Locale you must define a task that you can run in order to translate the desired Akeneo fields.

Create a new task

There are 2 Task Types in the DeepL App:

Click on the + Create button on the right side. In the modal you can enter your task code and select the translation type for your new task:

  1. deepl_translate_product: Translate text & text area attributes on product and product model data
  2. deepl_translate: Translate Akeneo entities such as option labels, category and family labels and attribute labels


1. deepl_translate_product

This type of task is used to translate localizable text and/or text area attributes in your Akeneo PIM instance. You can select 1 source scope and 1 source locale with 1 destination scope and 1 destination locale.

You can also set the limit of records to handle in 1 run of the task.

2. deepl_translate

This task is used to select an Akeneo Entity to translate.

Possible entities are:

  • attribute
  • category
  • family
  • option