The DeepL app is a tool that allows users to translate Akeneo entities such as products, attributes, and categories using the Deepl API. This app provides an easy and convenient way for users to translate their Akeneo entities into multiple languages, enabling them to expand their reach and better serve their customers.


Translation of Akeneo entities such as products, attributes, and categories Integration with the Deepl API for high-quality translations Support for multiple languages Easy to use interface for selecting entities and languages


Note: To use the Deepl API, you will need to have a valid Deepl API key. You can obtain a Deepl API key by signing up for a Deepl account.


The DeepL app is a useful tool for Akeneo users who want to easily translate their entities into multiple languages. With its integration with the Deepl API, users can be confident in the quality of the translations produced by the app. Overall, it is a convenient and straightforward way to expand the reach and improve the customer experience.